Easter Bunny Card

Bunny hole 2

I recently acquired this adorable die from Frantic Stamper Inc. called Bunny Butt FRA-DIE-09816.

2017-03-20 12.04.14

I have to admit that I was inspired by a Pinterest Pin for this project.  I already had an embossing folder by Elizabeth Craft Designs called “Bark”.

2017-03-20 11.42.10

Step 1: The finished card measures 5.25″ x 7″.  I used for the card base Elizabeth Craft Designs 85lb. 12″ x 12″Soft Finish Cardstock in Sky Blue.  I cut a piece 7″ x 12″.  On the 12″ side, score at 6″ and fold the card.  Now trim the 6″ width  to 5.25″.  I love this brand of cardstock because only one side is color.  The other side is white which gives you the ability to stamp your sentiment right on the inside of your base card piece.  This is great when your base card color is a really dark shade.

Step 2:  Cut a mat that measures 6.5″ x 4.75″  and adhere to the base card.  I used glue but you could also use double sided adhesive.

Step 3:  Cut a piece of brown cardstock 4″ x 5.75″.  Decide where you want the bunny hole and with a circle die cut the hole.  Now, emboss with the above “Bark” folder.  I enhanced the embossing by using a dauber with Black PanPastel and lightly going over the card.  TIP: Lightly spray over this piece with hairspray.  This sets the PanPastel so that the receiver of the card won’t get this black powder color on their fingers.  Cut a piece of black cardstock the same size as the “Bark” pc. and adhere to the back of the “Bark” pc.

Step 4″  Die cut all the pieces in the “Bunny Butt” die set with white cardstock.  Cut two of the tail pc.  I took a stylis ball and shaped one tail pc. and glued over the flat tail pc. for dimension.  Color the oval paw pads  with Copic R81.  With a black Copic liner pen, go over the score lines on his feet as shown.

2017-03-20 14.04.44

Glue the assembled bunny as shown to the hole.

Step 5:  Using Elizabeth Craft Designs “Curvy Leaves”, cut several of all the pieces in this set from green cardstock.  Cut all the pieces in the die set “1099 – Props 7”.  I cut the grass pc. from green cardstock, the eggs from white, the flowers 3 times ea. of pink, lavender and yellow.  I could have cut the eggs from the same colored cardstock but instead chose to color them with Copics.    I cut the basket from cream cardstock and then colored the assembled basket with Raw Umber PanPastel.  Assemble the flowers by shaping first with a ball stylis and gluing the smaller pc. to a larger piece and added a Peel Off Transparent Glitter Dot to the centers of the flowers.  I also used a tool to enhance the leaf’s veins and curve the tips up a bit.

2017-03-20 11.43.32

Below is the tool kit for manipulating and shaping paper pieces.  I could not do without this set by Susan Tierney Cockburn.

2016-03-30 14.40.27

I tried about 10 times to include a link to Susan’s video but the link shows up as her Carnation video.  But if you go to YouTube and search Elizabeth Craft Designs then go to Susan’ Garden Club you will find the “Tools and Techniques” video.  It’s a really good one.

Step 6:  Now glue the curvy leaves to the card as shown.  Assemble the basket and  glue in the corner as shown with a few of the smaller leaf pcs. with it. Glue flowers next as shown.

That’s it!  Thanks so much for stopping by.  I love to see your comments.  I answer any questions personally.

Another Easter Card

Bunnies & cherry

This week I’m still working on Easter cards and using more of all the Susan’s Garden for Elizabeth Craft Designs dies that I recently purchased.

2017-03-15 14.27.24

I wanted to make this Cherry Blossom die set because I thought it would be cute attached to the top of an Oval.  So let’s make the card.

If you’re new to making florals or, like me, like to watch Susan manipulate all the paper pieces before you assemble them, WATCH THE VIDEO!  Before I even die cut any of a new set,  I watch the designers assembly video.  It will help you see what colors you want to cut with.  Believe me, some of her die sets cut a lot of different pieces and it isn’t always obvious what the heck it is!  But, that’s what makes her flowers so realistic.  OK, I know they look complex and tedious but you will be so happy with the results you get.  On my very first project “The Geranium”, I’m not kidding you, every time I went by it I smiled.  And you will feel the same way!

Step 1:  Cut out the 2 oval frames.  I used two ovals and taped the smaller inside of a larger one.  Below shows how this step looks.

2017-03-14 23.26.56

 Although I ended up using this technique with the oval set below 1173 – Dotted Scallop Ovals.


I did, however use the off white Oval from the photo above for the background inside the stacked scallop ovals.  I used PanPastels Diarylide Yellow & Ultramarine Blue then blended the colors with PanPastels Colorless Blender.


Step 2:  The finished card measures 5.5″ x 7″ so cut one mat (yellow polka dot) 5″ x 6.5″ and another (blue gingham) 4.5 ” x 6″.   Adhere the blue mat over the yellow one. Center the the larger scallop oval frame on the blue mat and glue down.  Glue the colored oval into this frame.  Add small foam adhesive circles to the under side of the smaller oval frame and attach it to the larger one.

Step 3:  Glue the branch to the top of the double frame as pictured and start building your cherry blossoms to the branch.  You’ll be surprise at how much fun it is to create these beautiful little flowers from her collection.

Step 4: The glittered eggs were made with  Elizabeth Craft Designs Peel off stickers.

2017-03-14 23.28.04

Above is the peel off I used and a video on how to use these stickers with glitter and color with Copic Markers.  I used Copics: Y11, 13 G00, 07, 09 B21, 23 R81, 83

Step 5  Die cut and color the 3 bunnies in Impression Obsession’s Bunny die set.  I used Copic Markers E95 & N0 to color the bunnies ears and shade the white ones.  The brown bunny happened by accident.  It was cut white but I tried to color it with PanPastels by had some issues using my finger to color with after I had just been eating a potato chip.  Hence, the spots.  But then later, I decided I liked it!  The bunny’s eyes are Elizabeth Craft Designs “Glitter Dots” peel off stickers.


Step 6:  Cut a strip of grass from Elizabeth Craft Designs “914 Outdoor Edges” with green cardstock.

2016-07-19 15.11.28

I was able to cut all 3 layers of grass with one strip of grass.

Step 7:  Adhere the eggs, grass and bunnies as shown.

That’s it!  Thank you so very much and I love your comments.  I answer all questions personally.  And follow me if you want to learn more.


Easter Lilies and Bunnies

Easter bunnys

Today I started working on Easter Cards!  I recently bought a bunch of die sets from Susan Tierney Cockburn for Elizabeth Craft Designs.  I used 3 of them in this project.  They are 1134-CountryScapes Nantucket Arbor & Picket Fence, 1225-Garden Notes Potted and    995-Garden Notes-Lily  pictured below:

Step 1: Cut and shape enough parts to make 3 Lilies.  If you’re new to Susan’s floral dies, here is the the assembly video for this easy to make Lily.


I cut my petals from Elizabeth Craft Designs White Soft Finish Cardstock.  As in the video I added color to the end of the petal that forms the flower’s center using Copic YR00.  I cut enough stems and leaves for 3 lilies in a sort of olive colored cardstock from Michaels. Just as in the video, I added some darker green ink here and there for highlighting.

Step 2: Cut the 2 dies for the flower pot.  I used the same white cardstock and colored the pieces with Copic’s E11,E13, and E15.

Step 3: I cut the second to the largest oval in the Elizabeth Craft Designs “1112-Stiched Ovals” out of ECD Soft Finish Cardstock Buttercream.

Step 4:  Assemble and adhere the “Flower Pot and Lilies” to the yellow oval.

Step 5:  Cut the largest oval from the ECD “Dotted Scallop Ovals“.  I used a green and lighter green polka dotted cardstock.  Adhere your completed yellow layer to this green oval.

Step 6.  My finished card measures 5.5″ x 7″ so I scored a 8.5″ x 11” piece of ECD White Soft Finished Cardstock at 5.5″ on the long side.  Trim the folded card down to 5.5″ x 7″. Then cut a green polka dot rectangle 5.25″ x 6.75″.  Cut a yellow gingham rectangle 5″ x 6.50″.  Adhere the yellow gingham to the green polka dot.  Next adhere these to the front of your white base card.  Next adhere the ovals piece to the front of the card near to the top.

Step 7:  Cut to “Picket Fences” from die set pictured above and glue them as shown on my card.

Step 8:  Cut one of each of the bunnies in the set below out of brown cardstock and color their tails with a white gel pen.  I attached a small black peel-off circle sticker for their eyes.

2017-03-13 17.11.09

Step 9:  Using 914 – Outdoor Edges cut 2 edges with the grass die from the set below that measure 5.25″ wide by 1.5″ high and glue one on top of the other as shown.  Leave the lower grass edge free so you can tuck the bunnies between the grass edges.

2016-07-19 15.11.28

I chose not to add a sentiment to the front of the card for two reasons.  I have a “Happy Easter” sentiment inside and because the card could be displayed through spring this way.

Thank you so very much for taking a look and I hope you will try your own version of this cute card.

Other materials and products used

Elizabeth Craft Designs:  Clear double sided adhesive 10mm,  Susan Tierney Cockburn’s “Susan’s Garden Tool Kit”

Sizzix Big Shot Plus die cutting machine

The Misti for stamping the inside of my card




A Country Scene Birthday















If you’ve been following this blog, then you know that I’m in a full bloom love affair with Susan Tierney Cockburn’s products for Elizabeth Craft Designs.  This week I was commissioned to make a birthday card for a woman turning 70 in March.  Her only request was “Make something pretty” for my sister.  Well, what’s prettier than a country scene!

My latest purchase of Susan’s dies was this adorable set:  1196 – Garden Edges Rose Hedge.


I also knew I wanted to use two other sets I bought of Susan’s dies:  1084 – New England Stone Wall & Gate and 1135 – CountryScapes Wishing Well.

Step 1: I like to assemble all or most of all the elements first when making one of these scene cards.  Then I can get a better idea of how large a card I’ll need to create my scene.  I started with the “Rose Hedge”.  I couldn’t find a video of how to construct this hedge but it’s pretty simple. The set comes with a die that cuts a strip of what is the foundation for your roses and leaves.  I cut this pc. out of a sort of olive colored cardstock.  I cut enough of the rose piece to have 3 or 4 roses on each bush.  I also cut a lot of the ” leaves” piece so I could make the bushes look full and cover the “olive” base.  The flower piece is a funny little spiral that you wind around and then glue.

Step 2:  Next, I cut and assembled the “Stone Wall and Gate” and “Wishing Well”.  I would recommend watching this video because it’s the piece in both of these dies that create the stones that you will use for the wall and well.

Step 3:  I’ve had the “Western Edges” die set from Karen Burniston for Elizabeth Craft Designs for a while but had not used it until now!


This step was interesting for me.  Because when you run the edge die with the two horses, all the paper around and above the horses drops away so you have to have this layer over another layer of paper.  I was using this as my upper edge for the scene in my mind.  So what I did was cut a piece of white cardstock 6.5 x 6.5 inches and placed the horses all the way at the top of one side and ran the die through.  This layer was the layer that I would build my scene.2017-02-26-18-22-48

The above photo shows that layer after I colored the horses with Copic Markers and then colored the background on the rest of that piece with PanPastels and this grass stencil I had from a Silhouette file (the Negative).  The piece behind it was another piece of white cardstock that I only colored the first two inches with PanPastels and another stencil I made by taping several “clouds” from a die set called The All Seasons Tree from Elizabeth Craft Designs, together on the edge of a 2 x 6 inch scrap of cardstock. Susan Tierney Cockburn now has a stencil for just this thing which I will be picking up at the Scrapbook Expo in Pleasanton, CA. Friday! YAY!

Step 4:  Cut all the pieces of this adorable little duck die set from Impression Obsession Rubber Stamps.


I cut them out of cream cardstock and then colored with Copic Markers.

Step 5.  THE FUN PART.  Now you start assembling the card.  Place the horse layer over the cloud and sky layer lining up the two bottoms.  I first applied Elizabeth Craft Designs 10mm Clear Double Sided Adhesive to the horse layer. Now add the rest of your components for your scene as pictured.

Step 6.  I wanted this to be an easel card for easy display.  I chose a sort of taupe cardstock that went well with the color scheme of the scene for the base card.  Cut a piece 12″ x 6.5″.  Score on the long side at 6″ and 9″. Both score lines folded so they are “valley folds”.


In the picture above you see on the lower 3 inches on the half of your 12″ strip is what will make the easel stand up.  So that’s the next step.

Step 7:  Cut a piece of designer paper 3″ x  6.5″.  I chose a wood grain paper from KaiserCraft’s “Base Coat” Collection called Hardwood.  I cut two pieces of the “Grass”    from “792 – Stand Up Helpers” die set from Elizabeth Craft Designs, out of the same olive cardstock as the “Rose Hedge” base pc.  I cut a label from Karen Burniston’s 1208 – Label & Circles..


Sorry the photo is sideways. I stamped the sentiment on this label and adhered to the right side of this section.  I used the Happy Birthday die set from A Way With Words 1161 – Happy Birthday 2.

I also cut the barbed wire from Western Edges set from Tim Holtz Metallic Craft paper. Adhere these pieces to the wood designer paper section as pictured.  Attach the completed  6″ x 6.25 “Country Scene” piece to the upper 3″ of the base card so that when it’s in the opened display mode, the bottom of the scene is held in position by the two grass helper pieces as in the picture below.


I hope you have enjoyed seeing what beautiful little Keepsake scenes are possible with the die sets made by Susan Tierney Cockburn and the other talented designers at Elizabeth Craft Designs.  I value your time and answer all questions personally.

Other Products Used:

White Soft Finish Cardstock – Elizabeth Craft Designs

Sizzix Big Shot Plus

Susan Tierney Cockburn’s PanPastel Garden 1 Kit and Flower Shaping Tool Kit


A Basket Full of Puppies & Kittens



This week I made a pop up birthday card for my oldest Daughter Ann.  I purchased this adorable double sided designer paper from Graphic 45 called “Raining Cats and Dogs”  earlier in the year knowing I would use it for Ann’s card.  This daughter has always been very active in rescuing and fostering cats and dogs that needed help.  Last yr. she bought a huge aquarium to incubate baby turtles from a pond behind her condo.  She couldn’t stand that they were being eaten by some natural predator.  This finished card measures 6″ x 6.25″.


I decided to make a pop up card using Karen Burniston’s  1205 – Flower Pot Pop Stand die set for Elizabeth Craft Designs.


Here’s the link to Karen’s construction video of this great die set and I highly recommend that you watch it if you’re using this die set for the first time:

I turned the flower pot into what I hoped would look more like a basket instead of a flower pot.  So here’s the steps to make this card.

Step 1:  I used a Darice Embossing folder  called “Basket Weave” to emboss a yellow piece of cardstock.


Step 2:  I cut 3 of the flower pot pieces out of yellow cardstock. (2 for the basket inside and 1 for the basket on the card front. I cut 5 of the flower pot decorator pieces out of the embossed yellow cardstock (4 for the inside basket and 1 for the card front basket). I had tried cutting the flower pot piece first and then embossing it.  But when I went to fold it as in the video it would crack on all the folds.  So don’t do that.  This embossing folder embosses really deep. I rubbed the embossed decorator pieces with Burnt Umber PanPastel to bring out the embossing.  I cut 5 of the pot’s flap decorator pieces from the plaid side of the designer paper. (4 for the inside basket and 1 for the basket on the card front.

Step 3:  Using a couple of new dies pictured below from Frantic Stamper Inc. I cut 5 “Cute Kittens“, 3 “Sweet Pea” dogs and 4 “Max” dogs from white cardstock that I first covered with double side adhesive.  The reason I did this was because the ears, eyes and nose cut out with the die on the “kittens” and the noses on the dogs otherwise I couldn’t have used them in this manner as stand ups in the basket.  I assembled and adhered the pieces to another piece of white cardstock. Next I hand cut out all the dogs and cats. I colored all the assembled dogs and cats with Copic Markers. 


Step 4:  At this step I wanted to assemble my basket.  I attached each of the dogs and cats to a little post I made by cutting a yellow strip of the same yellow cardstock 1/4″ x 12″.  Then folded in half and glued the folded piece together  I then cut 1.5″ strips from this now 6″ double thick strip.  Now if I was as smart as I wish I was, I would have put the cut strips between the two layers but didn’t think ahead.  Learn from my mistake!

Now you just start gluing the cats and dogs where you like them gluing the little post to the part in the “crisscross” mechanism you made according to Karen’s video.  I decided that I also wanted some grass so I used this little set by Impression Obsession Rubber


I cut a bunch of all 3 dies in this set from white cardstock, colored them with Copics and glued the into the basket where ever I thought it looked cute.

Step 5:  From a 12′ x12″ piece of yellow cardstock cut a piece 12″ x 6.25″ and score along the 12″ side at 6″.  Run through a die cutting machine with a die pc. that cuts the flaps that attaches to the basket and makes in fold onto itself.  Now you will attach the basket to your base card according to Karen’s instructions.  SERIOUSLY, don’t do this step until you watch the video.  In her video she shows you exactly how to determine where to put this die piece.

Step 6:  Decorate the rest of the inside of the card.  I chose to use the “umbrella” side of my designer paper for the inside.  Cut two  4″ x 6″ panels from the designer paper.  Attach these 2 panels to both outside ends of your inside card.  I used Els Van de Burgt’s for Elizabeth Craft Designs “1269 Love Sentiments” and placed as pictured above. I cut the “I Love You” from rust cardstock backed with Double sided adhesive then added a layer of Copper Metallic PanPastels.  It made the words shimmery although it doesn’t show well in the photo.


Step 7:  Cut two of the straight shaped chains  from “1126 – Chains 1 with white cardstock backed with Double sided adhesive and color with Black PanPastels:


Attach these chains to the inside edge of the two designer panels.  I created my inside sentiment on my computer, printed it out on the same yellow cardstock and cut it out with QuicKutz Nesting Frame 11.  I distressed the edged with Black PanPastels  I added the XOXO from the same “Love Sentiments” set.  The last step for the inside is cut a few “dog bones” and “fish bones” from  Karen Burniston’s for Elizabeth Craft Designs “982 – Props 4 Set” scatter around the yellow middle section of the inside of the card and I put one of each on the two front flaps of the basket.



Step 7:  Because cutting the flaps to attach the basket/flower pot created holes in the card, you need to cover those up.  You could just create a piece of cardstock the length of the fold and about 4″ wide.  Then fold this strip along the long side and attach this to the outside fold.  I chose to cut 2 pieces of the yellow cardstock the exact size of the finished card 6.25″ x 6″ to create a front and back.  I find that two folds glued together don’t work well.  That’s why I recommend a separate front and back.

I decorated the front by adding an additional strip of the plaid side of my designer paper 3.25″ x 6.25″ as pictured.  Then I made the basket for the front cutting an additional basket die and folding in half and gluing the side flap to the back of the basket.  I stuck a dog and kitty down into the basket and added a umbrella cut with the plaid side of the paper.  This is the die set I used for the Umbrella by QuicKutz.


 I created a sentiment on my computer, printed on yellow cardstock and cut it out with same QuicKuts Nest die set referenced above for the inside sentiment.  The last step was to add the Happy Birthday using Suzanne Cannon’s for Elizabeth Craft Designs 1162 – Happy Birthday 2. 


Thank you so much for taking a look at this project.  I hope you will try one of your own.  I would love it if you would let me know who you are by filling in the below form.  I answer any questions personally including any questions about craft techniques or products.

Hello Card


I’m determined to use all the die sets I recently purchased before I buy new ones at the Pleasanton, Ca.  Scrapbook Expo March 3rd – 5th!  I’m truly a craft product junky!  I bought several of Susan Tierney Cockburn’s florals to try my hand with these amazing things she designs.  Don’t be scared of these.  Her dies and tutorial videos make even this 70yr. old novice look pretty good!  They’re also fun and so relaxing because they’re NOT HARD TO MAKE.  Yay!

Here’s how I made this all purpose card:

Step 1.  This card was made with another beautiful flower die set from Susan Tierney Cockburn for Elizabeth Craft Designs 998 -Rose 2.  I cut 2 of all the pieces in this die set out of White Soft Finish cardstock 85lb.   I recommend that you watch Susan’s construction video on this set if you’re new to florals.  Here’s the link:



Step 2.  Cut a piece of white Soft Finish cardstock 5.5″ x 7.5″ and emboss with the embossing folder from Spellbinders “Oval Accent E3D-017″.This is a huge folder.  It measures 5″ x  7″.  This is my first time using this kind of folder.

I must say I’m very impressed with the depth of the texture.  It took a little time to figure out what plates to use in my Big Shot Plus but once I figured what works, it was great..

Step 3:  The third new product (for me) that I used was the Small Butterfly – 1072 designed by Els van de Burgt for Elizabeth Craft Designs.  I cut one of each of the 3 pcs. in this set out of the same white cardstock.


Here’s a great video of Els demonstrating a fun glitter technique with her butterfly dies.

 Step 4:  As I started to assemble the rose I changed my mind and decided to give the card a little color.  I colored the stem and leaves with Copic markers YG00 & YG11. Assemble the “Rose” on the oval of the embossed pc.  After the rose and bud was glued in place I added a little of the same two colors to the rose.

Step 5:  Color the overlay pc. of the “butterfly” with the same two Copic markers         Note:  cut this pc. before you color from a pc. of cardstock adhered to double sided adhesive.  Color the body pc. of the butterfly with white Wink of Stella.  Assemble the butterfly.  I like to shape the butterfly like Els does in the video before I attach it to the project.  Now trim this layer down to 5″ x 7″ and attach to a piece of lime cardstock that measures 5.5″ x 7.5″.

Step 6:   I used Lawn Fawn’s “Scripty Hello” die for the sentiment.  I cut it 3 times and layered it for a thicker look.


Step 7:  To finish it off I used Elizabeth Craft Designs 1125 – Ropes 1 to cut 5 pcs. of the straight one in this set.  I had to splice a pc. on the two long sides to make them work.  I did a not so great job of this splice on the upper left corner but figured it out on the left lower corner.  Then I added a half dome pearl to each corner.

2016-07-17 14.35.46

Products used and not pictured:

Susan Tierney Cockburn’s – Susan’s Garden Club Tool kit

Susan Tierney Cockburns – 1011 Garden Notes – Bugs & Butterflies (little green ladybug)

Elizabeth Craft Designs Clear Double sided adhesive

Elizabeth Craft Designs Soft Finish Cardstock white

Sizzix Big Shot Plus

“Hay There” Easel Card


I have a confession to make.  The first time I ever heard of Susan Tierney Cockburn was when I was watching a Youtube video about using PanPastels.  Susan’s video just happened to start up because it was up next in the search under “PanPastels”.  In her video she was demonstrating, using her flower shaping tool kit and “PanPastels”.  I was absolutely mesmerized with how she manipulated little die cut flower parts and then glued them together to make the most realistic replica of that flower. (Don’t remember which flower).  Here is the link to that video.  I recommend watching it if you want successful florals:    https://youtu.be/tfpjF8ZMsfA?list=PLCP2iiaN5icAagDS5tBwmkcxr4Lnzq4AQI

I thought I would have the wisteria hanging over one of Karen Burniston’s  House dies but in the end decided on the barn from Karen’s “Barn Pop Stand” die set.

The Confession:

I went right over to Amazon and bought the tool kit and her PanPastel flower coloring set.  I didn’t even look for her dies because when I saw in the video how many tiny little pieces she was shaping and coloring to acquire the absolutely  stunning results, my first reaction was “Oh heck no!”  It just looked like it would take an entire day to make just one flower.  A while later Susan joined the Elizabeth Craft Designs team of Designers of their products.  Still I stayed away from her die sets.  I own a Silhouette and have many files of elements that when glued together, creates pretty good results.  Then, I bought Susan’s “Geranium” die set and well, now I’m hooked!  I just can’t get over how her sets make an amateur look like an expert!   Below is the card I made with that set:


Here’s how I made the “Hay There” Easel Card

I have now decided that I like to cut all the components out first, that I think I’ll need for my completed project.  I then color the cut pieces.  This gives me the opportunity to audition them before you glue them down. The only thing I new was definitely going to be on this card was my new die set from Susan’s Garden “Wisteria”.  I raised my children in a home that had a Wisteria that had grown into and through my neighbors tree! I thought I would have the wisteria hanging over one of Karen Burniston’s  House dies but in the end decided on the barn from Karen’s “Barn Pop Stand” die set.  I also just received Susan Tierney Cockburn’s CountryScapes Critters 5.  I used the 3 ducks, Yorkie, both smallest butterflies and smallest ladybug dies from this set. I colored all the “Critters” with Copic Markers.


Step 1:  Die cut all the pieces from the Wisteria die set as follows: With the square pc. that cuts the flowers, I cut twice for each color which nets 50 flowers in each color.  I used 4 different colors from lavender to purple.  The amount of flowers you actually need depends on how full you want the flower clusters to be. I cut 3 of ea. of the 3 leaf vine dies out of green cardstock and distressed the edges with a darker green ink.

Step 2:  Die cut all the pieces for the barn from Karen Burniston’s 1021 Barn Pop Stand Die set.

A.  Die cut the barn and the barn doors from Elizabeth Craft Designs “Through The Lens” Wood.  I cut the all the décor pieces for the roof, doors and the slider mechanism pieces for the doors from white cardstock.  I cut an extra “barn” with grey cardstock so that when the barn doors are opened it looks like the inside of the bard   Here is a video of the barn construction: https://youtu.be/4BCVU0eZBTYlist=PLhScVwngfRZ6HPqDlTg4_UiqDcqy_zqmD

B.  Die cut a “fence” from Susan Tierney Cockburn’s 1084 CountryScapesNew England Stone & Gate Wall from white cardstock and colored with Copic Markers

C. Other die sets used:  The hay piles in the barn and barn window as well as the “Hay There” sentiment is from Karen Burniston’s 1025 – Hay There Pop Stand die set, grass from her 780 – Garden Bench, grass standup helper from Elizabeth Craft Design’s 792 – Stand Up Helpers and Ropes from 1125 – Ropes 1.

Step 3:  Cut a piece of White Soft Finish Cardstock to measure 6″ x 6″.  I used PanPastels to color a sky and dirt background for my little scene.  Later, after the rest of the elements were glued to the card I added the two birds in the upper left corner by using Karen Buriston’s Stage it Stencil S005 Partly Cloudy.


Step 1:  Assemble the Wisteria on the right side of the background by first gluing the trunk.  I left the silhouette flower bases not glue down until all the flowers were applied and I had also added the leaf branches.  That gave me choice of having some of the leaves go under the flower clusters.

Step 2: Assemble the barn.  Attach the fence piece first.  Then add dimensional foam to the back of the assembled barn and attach partly over the fence as shown.

Step 3:  Now add all your other critters as shown and the grass pieces to the lower right and left corners.  Here’s a close up of where I put the butterflies and ladybug.


Step 4:  Cut a piece of Elizabeth Craft Designs 12″ x 12″white Soft Finish Cardstock in half.  Next, score one of the 6″ x 12″ on the long side at 3″ and 6″ as shown below.


Fold with both valley folds.  Your scene card will be attached to this piece, only to the part that is as pictured below:


The last step is to create what will hold or “stand up” your scene.  Below, shows what part you use for this step:


I cut a piece 3″ x 5.6/8″ piece of the same cardstock I used for the barn.  I cut the 2 grass stand up helpers and glued them under this wood piece as shown.  Then added the little Yorkie and the “Thinking of You” sentiment which I believe is from a set by Docrafts.

That’s it!  Thanks so much for taking a look. I hope you’ll give this a try yourself!


A Quick Sympathy Card


Unfortunately, I needed to make another sympathy card.  I made a card similar to this one before so decided to make almost the same one.  We all know that just deciding what you want to make and planning the project takes most of the time.   Start to finish, I was able to make this in an hour!  What?   So let’s get started.

The base card folded measures 4.25″ x 5.75″.  Start with a white pc. of cardstock that measures 8.50″ x  11″.  Score at 4.25″ on the long side.  Fold the cardstock on the scored line and then trim the folded card to  5.75″.  I used an embossing folder by Darice called “Clouds” with a light blue pc. of cardstock that I cut to exactly the size of the folder (4.25″ x 5.75″).  Next I used an ink pad by Colorbox called Powdered Sugar.  With a dauber I just dabbed a little ink of the top of each cloud and then just smeared it a little with my finger.

Now attach this embossed pc. to the front of your white card base.  The tree is a die from Karen Burniston’s “The All Seasons Tree” for Elizabeth Craft Designs.  I cut the tree with white cardstock.  The fence is from Karen Burniston’s “Iron Fence” Pop Up die set that also includes two bird dies.  I cut out one of the birds in this same set.  The butterflies are a Silhouette file.  Now adhere all of the components to the embossed layer.  The butterflies were first bent in the center then glued down on the tree applying glue to just the bottom of the fold.  Then bend the wings up a bit to give it a 3D look.

Then sentiment is from a tiny stamp set from Jo Ann’s Craft’s bargain bin.  I cut it out with QuickKutz Nesting Frame 11 set.  I adhered the sentiment with dimension dots.  That’s it!

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A Get Well Soon Pop Up



I’m still enthralled with Susan Tierney Cockburn’s products at Elizabeth Craft Designs.  I’ve used three dimensional  floral before but I had never tried Susan’s.  Since I’m in a love affair with everything Elizabeth Craft Designs, it was time to try!  The reason I held out soooo long is because when I would watch one of her video tutorials it looked very labor intensive to make most of what she designs.  However, after making a couple, I was surprised at how quickly they go together.  Plus the results, in my not so humble opinion, make even a novice with her dies, look like an expert!  That’s the good news.  The bad news for my craft budget is now I’m hooked. But, onto the card:

Step 1:  I cut out all the parts to the “Geranium”.  I cut the petals out of red cardstock and the leaves out of green cardstock.  The die set comes with dies that allow you to cut out 8 ea. of the large and small petal pcs.  ECD dies will easily cut through two layers of cardstock so I cut 32 of ea. lg. and sm. petals by only running them through twice!


Here is a link to Susan’s video on how to shape and assemble this sweet “Geranium” flower.  You’ll also see an amazing project that one of her design team members made with this same die:  https://youtu.be/BnlfSMwkScY?list=PLCP2iiaN5icAagDS5tBwmkcxr4Lnzq4AQ

I used a die set called “933 Wheelbarrow” by Elizabeth Craft Designs  to put my assembled Geranium on


I cut 2 of the wheelbarrow pieces in white cardstock.  I colored one with Copic markers and another that I only colored the wheel black also with a Copic marker.  I then cut the wheel and spokes away from the brown one and glued it to the other one. You could just cut one and color the wheel and spokes black and the rest brown but I wanted two layers for a sturdier piece to apply the flower to because it was going to be attached to the open frame.

The die set that makes this card a pop-up is also by Elizabeth Craft Designs “Hanging Charm Pull Tab.


Rather than explain how to assemble this die set here is the link to Karen Burniston’s video: https://youtu.be/8mFnS48f6m0.

It’s a die set you really want to watch the video on.  I love this set because you can use it for any theme.  Once you watch the video, it will be obvious how I made this card.  I also used Elizabeth Craft Designs “1168 Bead Strings 1” for the little green border and ECD A way with words “1053 Get Well Soon”  Below is a close up of the sentiment revealed when you pull the tab that makes the little frame stand up!


Thanks so much for taking a look.  Below are other supplies used but not pictured above:

Cardstock:  Through the Lens (Wood series) and Soft Finish Cardstock (white) (Ladybug Red) and (Dove Gray) the green is from my stash.

Copic Markers

Elizabeth Craft Designs Double sided Adhesive

Sizzix Big Shot Plus

White Craft glue

3D Flowers! New for me!


Well, actually I have made 3D flowers before, but this is my first die set from the “Susan’s Garden” collection over at Elizabeth Craft Designs.  This collection is from the Designer Susan Tierney Cockburn.  I first found Susan on YouTube when I was actually looking for a video on coloring with PanPastels.  I was mesmerized watching her turn little bitty pieces of paper into beautiful floral creations.  I immediately bought her PanPastel floral kit and the tool kit that has all the tools you need to shape the pieces that will combine to make the flower.  As with so many of my favorite Designers from YouTube videos, she soon joined up with Elizabeth Craft Designs.

In November, at the Scrapbook Expo, I got to meet Els and her husband Joep.  They are the co-owners of Elizabeth Craft Designs.  It was such a thrill.  At the Expo I purchased a few of Susan’s Garden Notes Dies.  The two I used for this card is “1218 Garden Notes Amaryllis” and “1225 Garden Notes Potted”.

2016-11-26-16-59-56Here is the link to watch the designer, Susan’s YouTube video tutorial on the Amaryllis:

Now that you watched the video, you learned that these beautiful Amaryllis are really very easy to make. My finished card measures 5″ x 7″.

Step one: Score an 11 x 8.5″ piece of cardstock at 5.5″ along the 11″ side. Trim to 5 x 7″.  I chose White Soft Finish cardstock by Elizabeth Craft Designs.  I have bought a lot of cardstock in a load of brands and have learned a lot.  I like this cardstock the best for several reasons.  One side is a little bit textured.  Not very much, but it definitely is.  The other side has no texture at all.  The texture is so minimal that it’s barely noticeable.  But, I am convinced that it’s that little bit that gives your die cuts extra dimension.  All the flower parts were die cut with this same white cardstock and colored with Copic markers.  This cardstock takes color very well.  I really saturate paper when I’m blending and other cardstocks peel.  This cardstock is 85lb. and holds up to molding the pieces to copy nature.

Step two:  I loved this designer paper pack I bought a couple of yrs. ago by KandCompany.  It’s a double sided “Holiday” paper pack.  I cut a piece to measure 4.75″ x 6.75″ and adhered it to my white card base.  TIP:  I always score my base card in step one so that the textured side is on the outside.  That makes the inside a perfectly smooth surface to stamp a greeting or sentiment.

Step three:  I used Elizabeth Craft Designs White and True Green Soft Finished Cardstock for my two oval mats.  The green was cut with the “Dotted Scalloped Ovals” and the white with “Stitched Ovals”.  (both the largest one)


I die cut and colored all of the pieces of the amaryllis dies to make 3 flowers.  I added yellow ECD Silk Microfine glitter to the flowers stamen pieces by dipping in glue and then sprinkling with glitter.  I cut the pieces of the flower pot and shaded a bit with Black PanPastel.  The bow I added to the pot is a decorator die pc. from ECD “Ornaments 3” die set.

Step four:  I auditioned my flowers in the pot and decided where the pot should be. Note: I did a little shaping on the pot/saucer for a little barrel shaping.  I glued the bottom edge of the saucer/pot piece down on the white oval.  I had a small adhesive circle dimension dot on the inside center of the pc.  Next I glued the flower stems in place and assembled and glued the flowers onto the stems as in the video.  I added the extra leaves and glued in place.  Then I placed a little glue to just the sides of the pot and pressed in place with both hands for a second to maintain the slight barrel shape.

Step five:  Glue the green oval to the base card leaving enough space for a sentiment.  In this case ECD “Merry Christmas” cut with Gold Metallic cardstock by Tim Holtz.  At this point I felt this card needed something else.  So I added ECD Gold Peel Off Sticker Borders and Corners.

Last step:  I adhered the white oval with my flowers to the green oval with ECD Double sided Adhesive.  DONE!

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look.