An Oakland A’s Birthday Card

2018-07-11 Oakland As B-day card


2018-07-11 Oakland As inside

This card was requisitioned by the sweetest 90 something young lady for her “Very Special Son in law”.  Here’s what she hand penciled as some ideas for the card she wanted.  I especially adore her drawing of the bat and the ball under the words: bat and ball.  She also said she really hoped I could get the A’s logo on the card if it didn’t get me in trouble which is also on her “ideas” note.  I said I would add a footnote promising that her card would not go into mass production.  I also said I would mention that you’re tucking SEASON TICKETS into the card and I was sure it wouldn’t be a problem.  LOL

2018-07-08 14.26.48

The die set used is one of Karen Burniston’s : 1042 – Spinner Square Pop-up

Rather then write out all the steps which can be confusing when it gets to the “spin mechanism”, I suggest that you watch this tutorial video from Karen:

Spinner Square Pop-up assembly video

This die set is really a great investment because it can be made with any theme.  And I mean ANY theme.  After you watch the video,  you will have every step to make this card.  I had the video up on my computer when I was making this card.  I have used this die set two more times already and made sure I had Karen’s video up on my computer.  I think now I could make it without the video.  I love it because of it’s versatility and it’s so much fun for the receiver.

 So because I’m not writing all the steps because it would take you less time to read War and Peace, I’m going to list the products instead.

Silhouette Library:  Peanut bags paper, baseballs and bat, Baseball field and field notes (for her to sign) Oakland A’s authorized store.

Elizabeth Craft Designs: Happy Birthday sentiment, Clear Double Sided Adhesive 10mm

Beacon’s Kids Choice Glue

Sizzix Big Shot Plus

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1 thought on “An Oakland A’s Birthday Card

  1. Your senior residents are SSSSOOOOOOOO lucky to have someone as talented as you to make these very special, one-of-a-kind, personal cards. What a keepsake!


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