A Country Diorama

2018-03-26 DRS country diarama

Hi Everyone,  Kathleen here with a country themed 3D project for my first project on the new  DiesRUs 2018 Inspiration Design Team  Yay!  What an honor, right?

This project could be a card, box top, or put into a shadow box frame.  Don’t worry it’s easier than it looks.

Let’s Make This Card

Step 1: Cut both of the dies in Elizabeth Craft Designs “Happy Frame” and “Happy Frame XL” 4 times from white heavy weight cardstock and assemble the two frames. The XL Frame when assembled measures 8 x 7″.  so you will need two 8″ sides. and two 7″ sides.  The regular “Happy Frame” on the right below when assembled will measure 7 x 6″, so you need two 7″ and two 6″ sides.  Assemble both frames.

2018-03-21 16.48.19

Step 2:  Cut two sheets of heavy white 8.5 x 11″ cardstock in half.  Using the below 3 dies, place the top of each die centered at the top of one of ea. of these 4 half sheets and run through your die cutting machine.


2018-03-18 22.29.01

Step 3:  Cut a rectangle from white cardstock that measures 8 x 7″.

Step 4: Color all the pcs. from step 2 & 3.  I used PanPastels to create a “sunset” effect on the white rectangle upper 1/3.  I also used PanPastels to color the mountains and field areas of the pine trees, horses and farm house ones.  I colored the trees, farm house and horses with Copic Markers.

Step 5:  With the straight rope in the set below, cut 4 times with white cardstock.  With the same cut the curvy rope with the tousled ends twice and glue together.  Color this one with PanPastels.

2018-03-11 19.31.37

Step 6:  Cut the “fence”, “grass” pcs., “cowgirl hat and boot”, and “pail and tools” from these die sets:

Step7:  Glue a White “rope” pc. to all four sides of the XL frame.  The longer sides will need a small pc. to complete those two sides.  So start with shorter sides and save the pc. of those ropes you cut off.  They’re what you need to complete the two longer ones.

Step 8:  Build the scene now by 1st adhering the “mountain edge” pc. over the “sunset’ rectangle.  Then the “pine trees” layer next.  Next adhere the XL Frame over this stack.  Next adhere the “farm pc.” over the XL frame.  Next the smaller frame.  Then the “horse” layer.  The last step is to add the fence grass and bucket and tools, cowgirl hat & boot, and curvy rope as shown below in another look at the project:

2018-03-26 DRS country diarama

I added some corner brads to the corners of the larger frame from the Eyelet Outlet.

That’s it!  I hope you’ll come back for more inspiration.  DiesRUs carries a wide variety of all your favorite brands and always at a discount!  Thanks so much for taking a look!  Please let me know you were here by leaving a comment.  I love to read them!

Author: Kathleen Adams

I have been crafting with paper for several yrs. now. I am a single mother of four grown children (2 boys, 2 girls) and a grandmother of 6 (5 girls and 1 boy). I still work as a hairdresser part time at a beautiful retirement community in San Ramon, CA My passions are: gardening, sewing and crafting with paper while watching my favorite TV shows. I have an amazing dog named Shelby who I just can't imagine life without. I hope, with this blog, that I will inspire, teach, prevent costly mistakes in your journey and well, just have a lot of fun creating.

7 thoughts on “A Country Diorama”

  1. Thank You again so much! It’s all so exciting! I’m sure everyone on the team, as I do feel WE are the lucky ones to have you as our leader.


      1. I could do the 9th of May. Would it be possible to communicate either on Facebook in the private message section or by email. I deleted some of our conversation because I don’t want the world knowing my family’s business. We don’t always know who knows who and I feel uncomfortable sharing my sister’s most private business. Thanks Lisa.


  2. First of all, congrats on being on the Design Team…a well-deserved honor. This scene is out-of-the-ballpark fabulous!


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