Another Easter Card

Bunnies & cherry

This week I’m still working on Easter cards and using more of all the Susan’s Garden for Elizabeth Craft Designs dies that I recently purchased.

2017-03-15 14.27.24

I wanted to make this Cherry Blossom die set because I thought it would be cute attached to the top of an Oval.  So let’s make the card.

If you’re new to making florals or, like me, like to watch Susan manipulate all the paper pieces before you assemble them, WATCH THE VIDEO!  Before I even die cut any of a new set,  I watch the designers assembly video.  It will help you see what colors you want to cut with.  Believe me, some of her die sets cut a lot of different pieces and it isn’t always obvious what the heck it is!  But, that’s what makes her flowers so realistic.  OK, I know they look complex and tedious but you will be so happy with the results you get.  On my very first project “The Geranium”, I’m not kidding you, every time I went by it I smiled.  And you will feel the same way!

Step 1:  Cut out the 2 oval frames.  I used two ovals and taped the smaller inside of a larger one.  Below shows how this step looks.

2017-03-14 23.26.56

 Although I ended up using this technique with the oval set below 1173 – Dotted Scallop Ovals.


I did, however use the off white Oval from the photo above for the background inside the stacked scallop ovals.  I used PanPastels Diarylide Yellow & Ultramarine Blue then blended the colors with PanPastels Colorless Blender.


Step 2:  The finished card measures 5.5″ x 7″ so cut one mat (yellow polka dot) 5″ x 6.5″ and another (blue gingham) 4.5 ” x 6″.   Adhere the blue mat over the yellow one. Center the the larger scallop oval frame on the blue mat and glue down.  Glue the colored oval into this frame.  Add small foam adhesive circles to the under side of the smaller oval frame and attach it to the larger one.

Step 3:  Glue the branch to the top of the double frame as pictured and start building your cherry blossoms to the branch.  You’ll be surprise at how much fun it is to create these beautiful little flowers from her collection.

Step 4: The glittered eggs were made with  Elizabeth Craft Designs Peel off stickers.

2017-03-14 23.28.04

Above is the peel off I used and a video on how to use these stickers with glitter and color with Copic Markers.  I used Copics: Y11, 13 G00, 07, 09 B21, 23 R81, 83

Step 5  Die cut and color the 3 bunnies in Impression Obsession’s Bunny die set.  I used Copic Markers E95 & N0 to color the bunnies ears and shade the white ones.  The brown bunny happened by accident.  It was cut white but I tried to color it with PanPastels by had some issues using my finger to color with after I had just been eating a potato chip.  Hence, the spots.  But then later, I decided I liked it!  The bunny’s eyes are Elizabeth Craft Designs “Glitter Dots” peel off stickers.


Step 6:  Cut a strip of grass from Elizabeth Craft Designs “914 Outdoor Edges” with green cardstock.

2016-07-19 15.11.28

I was able to cut all 3 layers of grass with one strip of grass.

Step 7:  Adhere the eggs, grass and bunnies as shown.

That’s it!  Thank you so very much and I love your comments.  I answer all questions personally.  And follow me if you want to learn more.


Author: Kathleen Adams

I have been crafting with paper for several yrs. now. I am a single mother of four grown children (2 boys, 2 girls) and a grandmother of 6 (5 girls and 1 boy). I still work as a hairdresser part time at a beautiful retirement community in San Ramon, CA My passions are: gardening, sewing and crafting with paper while watching my favorite TV shows. I have an amazing dog named Shelby who I just can't imagine life without. I hope, with this blog, that I will inspire, teach, prevent costly mistakes in your journey and well, just have a lot of fun creating.

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