“Hay There” Easel Card


I have a confession to make.  The first time I ever heard of Susan Tierney Cockburn was when I was watching a Youtube video about using PanPastels.  Susan’s video just happened to start up because it was up next in the search under “PanPastels”.  In her video she was demonstrating, using her flower shaping tool kit and “PanPastels”.  I was absolutely mesmerized with how she manipulated little die cut flower parts and then glued them together to make the most realistic replica of that flower. (Don’t remember which flower).  Here is the link to that video.  I recommend watching it if you want successful florals:    https://youtu.be/tfpjF8ZMsfA?list=PLCP2iiaN5icAagDS5tBwmkcxr4Lnzq4AQI

I thought I would have the wisteria hanging over one of Karen Burniston’s  House dies but in the end decided on the barn from Karen’s “Barn Pop Stand” die set.

The Confession:

I went right over to Amazon and bought the tool kit and her PanPastel flower coloring set.  I didn’t even look for her dies because when I saw in the video how many tiny little pieces she was shaping and coloring to acquire the absolutely  stunning results, my first reaction was “Oh heck no!”  It just looked like it would take an entire day to make just one flower.  A while later Susan joined the Elizabeth Craft Designs team of Designers of their products.  Still I stayed away from her die sets.  I own a Silhouette and have many files of elements that when glued together, creates pretty good results.  Then, I bought Susan’s “Geranium” die set and well, now I’m hooked!  I just can’t get over how her sets make an amateur look like an expert!   Below is the card I made with that set:


Here’s how I made the “Hay There” Easel Card

I have now decided that I like to cut all the components out first, that I think I’ll need for my completed project.  I then color the cut pieces.  This gives me the opportunity to audition them before you glue them down. The only thing I new was definitely going to be on this card was my new die set from Susan’s Garden “Wisteria”.  I raised my children in a home that had a Wisteria that had grown into and through my neighbors tree! I thought I would have the wisteria hanging over one of Karen Burniston’s  House dies but in the end decided on the barn from Karen’s “Barn Pop Stand” die set.  I also just received Susan Tierney Cockburn’s CountryScapes Critters 5.  I used the 3 ducks, Yorkie, both smallest butterflies and smallest ladybug dies from this set. I colored all the “Critters” with Copic Markers.


Step 1:  Die cut all the pieces from the Wisteria die set as follows: With the square pc. that cuts the flowers, I cut twice for each color which nets 50 flowers in each color.  I used 4 different colors from lavender to purple.  The amount of flowers you actually need depends on how full you want the flower clusters to be. I cut 3 of ea. of the 3 leaf vine dies out of green cardstock and distressed the edges with a darker green ink.

Step 2:  Die cut all the pieces for the barn from Karen Burniston’s 1021 Barn Pop Stand Die set.

A.  Die cut the barn and the barn doors from Elizabeth Craft Designs “Through The Lens” Wood.  I cut the all the décor pieces for the roof, doors and the slider mechanism pieces for the doors from white cardstock.  I cut an extra “barn” with grey cardstock so that when the barn doors are opened it looks like the inside of the bard   Here is a video of the barn construction: https://youtu.be/4BCVU0eZBTYlist=PLhScVwngfRZ6HPqDlTg4_UiqDcqy_zqmD

B.  Die cut a “fence” from Susan Tierney Cockburn’s 1084 CountryScapesNew England Stone & Gate Wall from white cardstock and colored with Copic Markers

C. Other die sets used:  The hay piles in the barn and barn window as well as the “Hay There” sentiment is from Karen Burniston’s 1025 – Hay There Pop Stand die set, grass from her 780 – Garden Bench, grass standup helper from Elizabeth Craft Design’s 792 – Stand Up Helpers and Ropes from 1125 – Ropes 1.

Step 3:  Cut a piece of White Soft Finish Cardstock to measure 6″ x 6″.  I used PanPastels to color a sky and dirt background for my little scene.  Later, after the rest of the elements were glued to the card I added the two birds in the upper left corner by using Karen Buriston’s Stage it Stencil S005 Partly Cloudy.


Step 1:  Assemble the Wisteria on the right side of the background by first gluing the trunk.  I left the silhouette flower bases not glue down until all the flowers were applied and I had also added the leaf branches.  That gave me choice of having some of the leaves go under the flower clusters.

Step 2: Assemble the barn.  Attach the fence piece first.  Then add dimensional foam to the back of the assembled barn and attach partly over the fence as shown.

Step 3:  Now add all your other critters as shown and the grass pieces to the lower right and left corners.  Here’s a close up of where I put the butterflies and ladybug.


Step 4:  Cut a piece of Elizabeth Craft Designs 12″ x 12″white Soft Finish Cardstock in half.  Next, score one of the 6″ x 12″ on the long side at 3″ and 6″ as shown below.


Fold with both valley folds.  Your scene card will be attached to this piece, only to the part that is as pictured below:


The last step is to create what will hold or “stand up” your scene.  Below, shows what part you use for this step:


I cut a piece 3″ x 5.6/8″ piece of the same cardstock I used for the barn.  I cut the 2 grass stand up helpers and glued them under this wood piece as shown.  Then added the little Yorkie and the “Thinking of You” sentiment which I believe is from a set by Docrafts.

That’s it!  Thanks so much for taking a look. I hope you’ll give this a try yourself!


Author: Kathleen Adams

I have been crafting with paper for several yrs. now. I am a single mother of four grown children (2 boys, 2 girls) and a grandmother of 6 (5 girls and 1 boy). I still work as a hairdresser part time at a beautiful retirement community in San Ramon, CA My passions are: gardening, sewing and crafting with paper while watching my favorite TV shows. I have an amazing dog named Shelby who I just can't imagine life without. I hope, with this blog, that I will inspire, teach, prevent costly mistakes in your journey and well, just have a lot of fun creating.

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