July 11 is Cheer Up the Lonely Day! c4c344

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OK, so the challenge this week was to create a card to cheer up “Lonely People”.  I just received a package of three die sets I ordered that Elizabeth Craft Designs makes.  Of course whenever a crafter gets new toys we want to use them. Right?  The three new dies are pictured below.

2016-07-10 19.07.55

The truth is I forgot July 11th is Cheer up the Lonely!  I just remembered the “Cheer Up” part.  When I put this card together I was thinking of a friend that I met on Elizabeth Craft Designs “Family Facebook Page”.  She has a granddaughter named Olivia who has a medical issue that is serious.  I thought that Olivia might get a kick out of seeing a card on the internet that was made especially for her from someone she’s never met.  I’m quite sure that little Olivia is surrounded by people that love and adore her and is not “Lonely”. I’m telling you this because I don’t want anyone to think my intentions for this card was hoping for special consideration in the C4C Challenge.  In fact, because this card is not intended for someone lonely probably disqualifies my entry and that is fine with me.  It’s just as the card was being constructed little Olivia just popped into my head!

So this is how I made it. I first used the “Fancy Label Accordian” die and cut it out 3 times for a 3 page accordion card.  Here is a link to the Designer Karen Burniston’s video showing how to assemble this card:  https://youtu.be/ZVXyu7M2Mqw. I chose a pretty double sided cardstock from Simple Stories pictured below where one side is large stripes and the other side is polka dot.  I like to use a double sided paper or cardstock for these accordion dies because then the back is as pretty as the front.

2016-07-10 19.38.05

Below are pictures of the back of the card:

The picture below is of the front of the card when it is folded to go into an envelope.

2016-07-10 19.43.49

Elizabeth Craft Designs has a lot of adorable character dies designed by Karen Burniston.  I only have 4 of them so far, but have plans to collect a few more.  These character dies can be cut with colored cardstock that’s appropriate for each of the body parts, but I decided to cut them out of all white cardstock.  I then colored the parts with Copic markers.  Here’s a link to a video where Karen demonstrates constructing “Poppy” the owl: https://youtu.be/XiHFQOLS5wQ

I then created in Word on my computer the sentiment for the middle page and the two speech bubbles for “Poppy” and “Chilly”.  I cut out the sentiment for the middle page with the largest decorator die that’s included in the “Fancy Label Accordian” die set.  I used the same die to cut a label layer for the characters but reversed the side of the paper.  I’m not real pleased with that choice because that layer blends in too much.  But, you live and learn and regret, right? LOL

I then die cut the speech bubbles using  the green die in the set pictured below.

2016-07-10 20.14.20

I ended up tucking the tail part of the speech bubble under both characters wings so the bubbles wouldn’t interfere with the open/close mechanism. The little hearts were cut with the little heart die in the “Poppy” set by positioning on one of the papers wide peach stripes. And that’s pretty much it!  Thanks so much for stopping by and please leave a comment.  I love the feedback!

Supplies used not pictured above:

Elizabeth Craft Designs: White Soft Finish Cardstock, 10mm Clear Double Sided adhesive

Copic Markers: E37,39, #100 YR02,04